Mop Legs x Thomas Bay!!!!
Thanks to Lexlin Gypsy Ranch, we are expecting a foal in May 2017!!!

Timmy was born in 2001.  Although, his color appears fairly basic, he is a paint.  He was donated to Kemmerer Village by Braveheart, a PATH center for children who have physical challenges.  He is in very good physical condition and challenges our children to show improved leadership skills.  Timmy is calm and reliable and is depended on during the “Horses and Heroes” program.  The children who ride Timmy in the “Horses and Heroes” program would benefit from some arena game items such as large balls or bean bags with letters and numbers for identification.   Timmy needs a sponsor!

Lexlin’s  Saphire Snow Raven was born in 2013.  She is a registered  Gypsy Vanner and was donated to Kemmerer Village in the “Gypsy Gift Contest” 2015 by Lexlin Gypsy Ranch in Tennessee.   Raven shows tremendous promise!  She is affectionate, strong and easy going.  She is currently 14.2 Hands which will make her a safe and comfortable height for a variety of riders.  Once she fills out, she will be able to carry even larger riders comfortable due to her draft build.  Kemmerer Village received tremendous community support to win Raven in the contest; and, we are very grateful.   Like most Gypsy horses, Raven has LONG hair.  She would benefit from donations of heavy duty clippers, various horse shampoos and conditioners and Vetericin.

Prophet is a bay Arabian born in 2002.  He was rescued by a retired mounted police officer when he was about to be euthanized due to severe founder.  After a long rehabilitation, his owner placed him at Kemmerer Village where his affectionate and goofy nature quickly won him many adorers.  Kemmerer Village would like to thank Prophet’s owner, Lora Nevins for lending Prophet to our program and paying for his care.  Due to Prophet’s restricted diet, he cannot go out and graze; as a result, he can get bored in the pasture.  He would appreciate donations of horse toys such as a Jolly Ball or an Amazing Graze.