Meet Our Mini's! 

The all-star team of mini horses at Kemmerer Village are such a great tool for our mission! They are so helpful in relationship building. 



Turbo- Born in 2004, Turbo is a bay miniature gelding. He can be bossy with the other miniature horses and is very clear in expressing himself to them. His communication behaviors help our children learn about assertiveness. Turbo also teaches our children about frustration tolerance when flies pester him. The children laugh at his silly attempts to escape flies and engage in problem solving around helping him. This helps them learn and practice using problem solving skills in their lives. Turbo would benefit from donations of fly sprays, wipes and other fly control equipment.

Nick- Born in 2007, Nick is a black miniature horse gelding. He tends to keep to himself, observing others before getting to know other people or horses. This helps our children learn about boundaries and appropriate steps in relationship building. Nick likes to have room to stretch out and play. Our children benefit from observing these behaviors and relating them to their lives. He and the other 4 minis would benefit from the donation of grazing muzzles which would allow them to enjoy the full pasture without overeating.

Twister- Twister is a black miniature horse gelding who was born in 2007. He is affectionate and curious. He often helps children who are challenged by depression or attachment issues. Twister often rubs the children with his upper lip when they scratch his chest. This provides a unique opportunity to address boundaries and affection in an experiential context. Twister needs a new halter.

Toby- Toby is a paint miniature horse born in 2007. He can be rambunctious and energetic at times. At 31 inches tall, he provides a safe opportunity for the children to learn about dealing with such challenges. One child wrote this of Toby: "Toby really does test your patience. I know he has helped me with my patience. He doesn't always do what you want or as fast as you want, just like a lot of people in my life. I know I get annoyed at points but I will always remove myself before I get too emotional. When I first started with the horses, I don't know if I could have done that or paid much attention to my feelings". Toby is the youngest of our miniature horses (born in October rather than in the spring!). He needs a new halter.

Rebel- Born in 2001, Rebel is a miniature mare. Her confident disposition and desire to keep neat and clean help our children learn self care and prosocial behaviors. Our residents characterize Rebel as "trustworthy and caring". One of our young ladies wrote, "Rebel is a great influence on children". Rebel would benefit from the donation of stall cleaning equipment appropriate for children and small horses (such as a lightweight wheelbarrow and small stall fork).