The Sports Program includes participation in the Illinois Inter-Agency Athletic Association (IIAA).  The IIAA gives our residents the opportunity to compete in various athletic events (basketball, softball, swimming, soccer, volleyball, bowling, and track).  Our resident’s compete against other children’s homes in the southern conference.  Of the five conferences, the conference champions, in each sport, then advance to the State tournament.  The main emphasis of the IIAA is to teach the children all aspects of sportsmanship.  According to the IIAA’s set standards, a good sport is one who can compliment his teammates and opponents; one who can respect peers, coaches, and officials; one who does not give up; one who does not act superior or show off; and one who can take winning or losing graciously.  After each competition a sportsmanship checklist is filled out and sent to the Director of the IIAA.  The residents can work on several individual treatment goals while participating in the IIAA sports programs.  Some of the objectives are increased acceptance of authority, gross motor skills, social skills and self-esteem.