Community Therapeutic Riding 


“Horses and Heroes” 

      New name, same wonderful program.

 Kemmerer Village is excited to share that the new “Horses and Heroes” program has begun!  The name is meant to reflect the communal nature of the program and the benefits to all involved.  We have found that the riders are “Heroes” to many of our residents, who learn about facing hardship with a brave and positive attitude.  Our residents are blessed to be viewed by the riders as “Heroes” as they teach the young riders about the horses and attend to their safety.  The parents of the riders and horses are also “Heroes,” giving us all a model of patience and strength.  Of course, the donors and volunteers are “Heroes” for making the program possible.  We will also need more “Heroes” this spring to fill the positions of “Office Mom”, “Side Walker” and “Horse Leader.” 

The program occurs Tuesday evenings between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. Riders with ANY disability at all are encouraged to apply $50 covers 5 weeks or sessions.  Please contact Amber Miller at (217) 226-2226 or about becoming one of our "Heroes."