Foster Care

Kemmerer Village provides community based services for children and adolescents, ages 0 – 21 years, who for a variety of reasons, need an alternative home environment with the added support of professional case work and case management services. Our various programs are accredited by the Council on Accreditation and licensed by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.

The Kemmerer Village Community Services staff also performs the licensing and on-going monitoring of the foster homes in which our children are placed. Our foster parents undergo thorough screening via an application process, background checks and Home Studies. The foster parents also receive extensive training prior to having their first child placed with them; and must complete annually, at least 20 hours of on-going training in order to maintain their license. We currently provide these services to over 25 foster homes, spread through out the counties of: Christian, Shelby, Montgomery, Fayette and Moultrie. Our professional staff and foster parents are dedicated to, and experienced at, providing a safe, nurturing home environment allowing the opportunity for the child to flourish.

Kemmerer Village offers the following types of community based services:

  • Foster Care - A warm, caring, community live-in home environment offered to Kemmerer Village children by trained, caring foster parents under the supervision of Kemmerer Village
  • Specialized Foster Care - Community family home environment offered to troubled Kemmerer Village children by highly skilled foster parents under the supervision of Kemmerer Village
  • Supervised Independent Living - Community supervised independent living program to assist older Kemmerer Village youth prepare for adult independent living
  • Foster Care Support and Advocacy - Short-term intense follow up support offered to children and families leaving Kemmerer Village foster care programs
  • Relative Foster Care - Supervision and support of Kemmerer Village children placed in foster care with child's relatives
  • Life Skills - Community, family foster parents home environment program offered to older Kemmerer Village youth to learn adult life skills in preparation for independent living