Your child’s Primary Therapist will be the main residential contact for you regarding all aspects of his or her program, progress and significant developments. At the minimum, you should have a scheduled weekly phone call with the Primary Therapist for an update on your child’s progress, and to discuss planning for visits, etc. You will be contacted immediately by a Kemmerer Village staff person regarding any significant events that have occurred, including: medical emergencies, injury or illness, incidents of noteworthy misbehavior. You will also receive a copy of any reports or documentation of such events. Our educational staff will provide you with regular school progress reports and grade cards, as they occur.

Formal Individual Treatment Plan (ITP) review meetings are scheduled every three months, and your attendance and participation in these meetings is important. The Primary Therapist will schedule these dates and times with you. The Primary Therapist and treatment team members review your child’s ITP on a weekly basis, to make minor, as needed, adjustments to the interventions staff are using to assist your child in meeting his or her ITP goals. If there are significant developments in your child’s life or programming needs, a formal ITP review will be scheduled and we will request your attendance or at least participation by phone conferencing.

You will receive a copy of all Individual Treatment Plans, and revisions to them.