What medical services, for emergency and non-emergency conditions are provided?
Kemmerer Village employs a staff of three nurses to provide routine, non-emergency medical care from 7:30 am – 9:00 pm Monday-Friday and 11:00 am – 9:00 pm on weekends. An RN nurse is on-call for consultation to staff during the hours that a nurse is not scheduled on-campus. The nursing staff maintains medical records on each child, including the child’s medical history (before and during their stay at Kemmerer Village), and the details of any medical treatment received. The nursing staff coordinates physician or specialist services that are provided by health professionals in the community, or by the child’s family physician. In the event of injury or illness, our nurses are in contact with the child’s family when a treatment decision must be made.

We also have a licensed Medical Doctor serving as our medical consultant, who is on-campus twice a week and on-call by telephone for consultation with our nursing staff.

Kemmerer Village utilizes community health care providers for physician and dental services, unless the parent specifies otherwise. Depending upon proximity and circumstances, we will transport a child to their family doctor/dentist, for appointments made by the parents.

Kemmerer Village is located 15 miles from St. Vincent’s Hospital in Taylorville, IL; 30 miles from St. Mary’s and Decatur Memorial Hospitals in Decatur, IL; and 40 miles from St. John’s and Memorial Hospitals in Springfield, IL.