What clothing and personal items can or should my child bring?
Clothing - Children at Kemmerer Village are required to wear a “uniform” which consists of khaki pants (shorts in the warmer months) and a collared, polo-style shirt (sweatshirt in the cooler months). The solid color shirt corresponds to the child’s “Level Status” on any given day, which is a part of our Level System. There are four different Levels, and therefore four different colors of shirts. The “uniform” is provided at no added cost to the parent. Uniforms are worn on-campus, with few exceptions. Clients wear their own clothing when going off-campus for appointments and activities. We do have rules governing what we consider appropriate personal clothing that the children must follow on the occasions that they are not wearing the uniform. Prior to a child’s placement at Kemmerer Village, we supply the parent a list of recommended and prohibited clothing. Laundry is done twice a week.