Direct lines: Casey-(217) 226-2130 or Alice-(217) 226-2132


 I.  HELLO:  We are happy that you are interested in helping at Kemmerer Village.  In order to make your stay as enjoyable as possible, here is some information that has proven beneficial to groups who have been with us before.

II.  SLEEPING ACCOMMODATIONS:  We invite you to make Kemmerer Village’s retreat center, humbly referred to as “The Barn,” your home while you are here. Each member of the work group is advised to bring their own sleeping bag or linens.  We have bunk beds that sleep up to 15 people, with separate areas for boys and girls. Please bring your own towels, washcloths and soap.

            While you are here the retreat center will be closed to our residents. By the same token, the cottages are the resident’s home, and we ask that visits only when arranged by your contact person.

III.  MEALS:  Kemmerer Village is happy to serve you while you are staying with us. The noon meal and evening meal will be served in our main dinning room. The Village will supply food for you to prepare your breakfasts in the retreat kitchen. There are tables, chairs, dishes and cooking utensils available in this area. Please let your contact know if there are dietary needs or special requests and we will try our best to accommodate.

Lunch and supper will be served in the Village dining room.  A time schedule for meals will be announced after your arrival.

There are a number of options nearby for food as well.  Things maybe purchased from the community stores in Assumption (3 miles) or Pana (7 miles).  Soft drinks can be purchased on campus.

  IV.  COST TO WORK GROUP:  We are so grateful for your service to Kemmerer Village. There are no financial obligations for your visit, food, or accommodations provided.  Many groups have asked for a suggested per person, per day dollar amount to base a donation. $10.00 dollars per person, per day is our estimate, but please know that any contribution will be greatly appreciated.

V.  SUPERVISION:  All of our young people on the campus are closely supervised.  We would ask that your group be aware and respect this necessity.  Please remember that these are troubled children who have been placed in our care.  Our Child Care Counselors are only responsible for the Village residents, and your work group should be properly supervised by the organization sponsoring the visit.

VI.  LIASON AND CONTACT INFO:  The development office will make the arrangements foryour stay at Kemmerer Village.  Call Casey in Development at (217) 226-2130 or Alice at (217) 226-2132 to schedule available work group dates.  They will be able to give you the information you need for dates, times, activities and projects.

There will be a Work Group Liaison on staff to help with your needs.  All staff will be happy to be of service to you, but again we remind you that their first duty and responsibility is to the children of Kemmerer Village.

In case of emergency – families may contact the work group by calling the Village office (217) 226-4451. Letters and cards to the group should be addressed c/o Kemmerer Village, 941 N 2500 East Rd, Assumption, IL62510.  Letters are mailed out and received at the Village office daily.  Postage stamps and change are available from the Village receptionist at the Campus Center.

VII.  MISCELLANEOUS CAMPUS RULES:  Possession and usage of any type of drug is prohibited unless the individual is on a medical prescription.  Please keep all medical prescriptions locked in a secure location.

We request that you not bring pets.

Though a current tetanus shot is not required, it is recommended.  Please do not go barefoot on campus. 

Laundry facilities are available for emergency use only.  However, there are public facilities in nearby Assumption.

IIX. INTERACTIONS WITH RESIDENTS: Residents of Kemmerer Village are prohibited from smoking.  We ask that you do not provide cigarettes to any of our residents.  Smoking by anyone within your group should be confined to designated smoking areas.

Please do NOT give money directly to the residents.

Normal bedtime for Village residents is around 10:00 p.m.  We ask that any of your activities after this time be planned in or around the Retreat Center area so as not to interfere with the cottage life schedule.

The young people here are required to dress appropriately. We ask that you be respectful of their needs.  Bathing suit tops, halter tops, short shorts and so forth are not appropriate.  Please use your best judgment.

Appropriate is a much-used word on campus as we try to re-educate our residents to become more responsible and self-directed in their behavior.  Please help us by asking your youth to set a good example for the youth of Kemmerer Village.

VIII.        HELPFUL HINTS FOR SUPPLIES:  Here are some items you may wish to bring for your own comfort and enjoyment.

1.     Sleeping bag

2.     Work shoes (old tennis shoes)

3.     Pillow and linens 

4.     Suntan lotion or sun screen

5.     Towels, washcloths & toiletries

6.     Work gloves

7.     Musical instruments

8.     Work hat to protect from sun

9.     Games

10. Flashlight

If you are here on a Sunday, and wish to attend church, you are invited to attend services on campus with our children and staff at 2:00 in the Campus Chapel. Our chaplain is Pastor Jason Hoffman. You are very welcome to join us.


Medical and dental care are available in nearby communities; however, the doctors and hospitals may require verbal and/or written authorization via phone or letter by the parent or guardian to authorize treatment.  Please have available emergency phone numbers where the young peoples’ parents or guardian may be reached or a letter of consent in case of an emergency.

X.            CAMPUS ACTIVITIES: Your group will be a pleasant addition to our campus family. Our staff is available to assist you, feel free to ask any of us for information or assistance.

 Generally, on weekdays, cottages are involved in work duties and summer school activities.  Your work group will be involved in work projects in the mornings and some afternoons.  You are welcome to spend an afternoon or day on your own. Past groups have planed trips to any of the following: Shelbyville beach, Springfield Knight’s Action Water Park,  Springfield Lincoln Museum and Library. Six Flags St. Louis MO. We would be happy to discuss some of the fun available nearby.            

XI.          PLEASE NOTE:

1.     We ask that you leave campus quarters in good order and ready for the next group coming to visit.

2.     Please report any damage or problems to a staff person.

3.     We ask that you bring any unused food to the kitchen before you leave.

4.     Tie trash bags securely and take to trash area                                                       


 Thank you for your interest in Kemmerer Village!

 Examples of Previous WORK PROJECTS

1.               Paint in Cottages/school/Recreation Center

2.               Varies jobs in horse arena

3.               Apply sealer to pasture fence

4.               Work in thearena/clean stalls/clean tack

5.               Window Washing

6.               Weed flower beds/trim bushes/landscaping

7.               Put roofing on cottages

8.               Replace fence as needed around campus

9.               Hang new gutters

10.            Wash and clean Kemmerer Village cars and vans

11.            Paint picnic tables

Kemmerer Village is located two miles south of Assumption IL, one mile west off of State Hwy 51 (signs are on Hwy 51). Assumption is twenty-six miles south of Decatur, IL.




















Activities And Restaurants In Local Communities



Pana- (approx.10 mins) Pool, Golf Course, Movie Theater, Bowling, McDonalds, Subway, Pana Family Restaurant, Tres Compadres, DQ, Pizza Man, Casey’s Pizza, Maustells Pizza



Shelbyville- (approx. 25 mins) New Pool, Movie Theater, Park, Public Beach, Monicals Pizza, McDonalds, Druby’s, DQ, Chinese, Joe’s Pizza, Chapala Mexican, Taco Bell, Tropical Snow

Taylorville – (approx. 20 mins) YMCA with indoor pool, Movie Theatre, Park, Bowling, Lots of food choices, some shopping

Springfield- (approx. 60 mins)  Knights Action Park (Water Park), Drive-In, Lincoln Museum/Library, Mall, many Restaurants- anything you would like!!

 Decatur-(approx. 35 mins) Mall, Movie Theater, Pool, Scovill Zoo, Miniature Golf, lots of different food choices