Welcome to Kemmerer Village!

As a Presbyterian Child Care Agency, our mission at Kemmerer Village is to provide a wide range of quality services, which meet the needs of children, youth and their families.

We, the Board of Directors and staff of Kemmerer Village, believe that all children have the God-given right of love, nurture, protection, and education.

Our programs are directed to help children and youth attain the necessary skills to become well-adjusted and productive members of society. It is our conviction that each and every contact with a child consists of showing the child respect, positive regard and to instill dignity.

In working with a child, we also recognize the importance of family. Thus we provide services that are directed toward improving the overall family environment.

We believe that the diverse needs of children, youth, and families are best met through our team approach which is based upon mutual respect, professionalism, support and action as implemented by our committed staff.

Our Mission

The Mission of Kemmerer Village is to help the Presbyterian Church fulfill its responsibility to minister to children and families who face stress and turmoil in their lives. Kemmerer Village carries out this mission through its direct services to individual families; and by assisting individuals to advocate for the needs and rights of children and families in their community.

At Kemmerer Village, we are dedicated to serve the very special children entrusted to our care.