Volunteering at Kemmerer Village has through the years and continues today to provide support for this mission of helping children and families. Volunteers serve an important purpose in several areas. We invite you to call for information on any of the opportunities listed below.

  • Mentoring Kemmerer Village has a strong history of working to involve the youth we serve with caring adults who can provide role modeling and guidance. One of the best ways to provide this support is through volunteering as a mentor with Kemmerer Village. Some Kemmerer Village youth in our residential and foster care departments arrive to our programs without any external sources of support. Working with a  mentor provides excellent opportunities for our youth to practice the skills they are learning with caring adults outside of KV staff.  Mentors receive training in working effectively with Kemmerer Village youth, based on the Mentor’s prior experience and familiarity with young people. Mentor and youth contact is planned individually and contact can occur on or off campus. Frequency of contact should be no less than once per month to ensure that an effective relationship develops between the Mentor and Kemmerer Village youth.  Kemmerer Village youth with varied sources of support are able to make more substantial and more long lasting progress in their treatment.  Knowing someone in the community cares about their progress and is committed to supporting them during their time with Kemmerer Village has a lasting and vital impact.  If you are interested in volunteering as a mentor with Kemmerer Village youth,  please contact Vince Rodriguez at 217-226-2153 or vince.rodriguez@kv.christian.k12.il.us for the Residential department and Jeannie Karbach at 217-226-2165 or jeannie.karbach@kv.christian.k12.il.us for the Foster Care department.      
  • The Board of Directors of Kemmerer Village is composed entirely of volunteers. The Board can have up to 19 members. Five members represent the Southeastern Illinois Presbytery and five members represent Great Rivers Presbytery. The Board meets six times a year.
  • The Kemmerer Village Auxiliary has been in existence since 1972 to serve as a liaison, interpreting the work and mission to the churches, and helping as other needs arise. The Auxiliary has provided for everything from suitcases to cottage parties to alter candles and communion platen and challis. The Auxiliary meets the first Wednesdays of September, November, March, and May.
  • Workgroups Between May and September, congregations from Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Iowa, and other states send Workgroups to the Village. These workgroups range in age from junior high through octogenarians. The work performed ranges from pulling weeds and trimming bushes, to painting, to installing drywall or siding. The age/skill level of the members of the group, the work that needs to be done on campus, and the weather are all considered in selecting type of work each group performs. Some groups have chosen to put on a concert, conduct a Bible study, or lead informal worship for our residents. Please call for a copy of work group guidelines at (217) 226-2130.
  • Individuals, or groups, can also Volunteer from Home. We would love to discuss any ideas you have as to how you could support our ministry. Current activities include sending birthday and/or holiday greeting cards to the children; making the quilts that we present to each child on his or her first birthday on campus; and, collecting soup labels and cereal box tops. We can also use more volunteers in each of these activities. For more information, or to discuss other ideas you may have please contact Alice at the Kemmerer Village Development Office at 217-226-2132 or
  • General Mills® Box Tops for Education To date we have accumulated approximately $17,000.00 over 13 years from this program to help with our school budget. Money from this fund is used for the Accelerated Reading Program. Children are learning to read who previously had little or no interest in reading. You can find more information at the General Mill Box Tops for Education web site boxtops4education.com. Please contact Alice at the Kemmerer Village Development Office at (217) 226-2132 if you have questions regarding any of these giving opportunities. Thank you!
  • My Coke Rewards for Schools Program Kemmerer Village has joined the My Coke Rewards for Schools program. You can now donate your My Coke Rewards points directly to us in order to help our school. Your donations will go towards rewards like sports equipment that will help our students learn, play, and have fun. To participate, simply collect codes off of all Coca-Cola products, and redeem them at mycokerewards.com/schools.