The Arts and Crafts Program offers a wide variety of different activities.  Each of these activities has their own program objectives.  By using creative art as a therapy, target program objectives can be worked on successfully.  Some of these objectives could be expression of feelings, or self-esteem.  Craft projects are designed to help the children use their creativity and imagination to find appropriate and socially acceptable ways of expressing themselves.  Objectives that can be worked on through this method of recreation are expression of feelings, following directives and self-esteem.  Exposing our residents to renowned artists, such as Bill Bayer, has given them avenue to explore their creative attributes. They have also enjoyed local college interns from Millikin University instructing them in the creative arts. Our residents do well in the annual arts and craft show sponsored by the IIAA. They also have their poems and creative writings published along with other residential agencies in a creative writing publication.