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Kemmerer Village accepts clients from all races, creeds and nationalities. Kemmerer Village is a coed facility working with boys and girls ages 12-18. Our program and staff have years of experience successfully working with the following types of client needs:

•    Children and or Adolescents who have a significant Trauma History
•    Behavior and/or Learning Disorders
•    Low–Average or Higher Intellectual Functioning
•    Histories of Delinquency and/or Aggression
•    Adjustment Disorders
•    Attention Deficit Disorders – Hyperactivity
•    Depression and Anxiety Disorders
•    Borderline Personality traits
•    Bipolar Disorder
•    Conduct Disorders
•    Oppositional Defiant Disorder
•    School Truancy, multiple suspensions or expulsion
•    Chronic Runaway
•    Attachment Issues
Our residential treatment program is designed to help children and their families who are struggling with emotional or behavioral issues and out-patient treatment or brief in-patient treatment stays have not resulted in sustained, positive changes. The length of your child’s stay at Kemmerer Village is based upon reaching and sustaining their identified goals of treatment; goals that you and your child, in consultation with our clinical staff, establish.  In our experience, a program stay of seven – nine months results in optimal treatment outcomes, however, longer stays do occur. 
Admission to Kemmerer Village can occur any time during the year. The admissions process consists of an initial phone interview with the parent, or guardian so that our Admissions staff can get a general overview of the behaviors and issues that have led the parent to consider residential treatment. The Admissions staff will request that you send pertinent medical, academic, psychological testing and previous treatment records, depending upon the complexity or severity of your child’s situation. Based on this information, we will make an assessment of our program’s ability to successfully meet your child’s treatment needs. Once it has been determined that Kemmerer Village would be able to meet the potential clients treatment needs we would then schedule either a phone or in person interview with the prospective client. We will also invite you to schedule a pre-placement tour of our campus (potential interviews with the client can take place at this time as well).
Contact our Admissions staff at 217-226-2114, or by email: Brett.Beck@kv.christian.k12.il.us
Our Admissions staff is also available as a resource to discuss funding sources for residential as well as alternative placement options.